Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

If you love turquoise water and picturesque beaches, Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool in the William National Park will definitely float your boat. No question the rock formations and water pools are among Denmarks main attractions, but taking into account how few people live in and travel through this area, they are still unspoiled natural pearls.

Stairway at Greens Pool in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

Located only 15km west of Denmark, Greens Pool is literally around the corner and easy to find. If you follow the main street heading west out of town towards Walpole the pools will come up on your left hand site and are well signed. Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks are located right next to each other and you can easily walk from one to the other. From the car park wooden stairs lead down to the beach and take you to another world.

Swimming at Greens Pool in Williams National Park Denmark Western Australia

We decided to park at Greens Pool and walk back and forth to Elephant Rocks. From the second you walk down the stairway to the beach the views are breathtaking. Crystal clear water and impressive rock formations as far as you can see. A perfect place for a picnic or a day at the beach.

Greens Pool swimming beach in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

Don't forget to bring your swim suits. The widespread rocks off the coast prevent waves from rolling in, forming a large pool like area. The water is calm and even suitable for small children. Some of the rocks are within swimming range and are great fun to climb, jump and lay around.

Rock pool in-between Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

The designated track from Greens Pool to Elephant Rocks takes you from the first car park to a second one and further along a small walking path to Elephant Rocks. Instead you can walk along the coastline. Just turn left on the beach at Greens Pool and walk up the rock formation. It's a far more scenic way and leads past a few small rock pools which tend to heat up a little more than the open ocean.

Beautiful landscape in William National Park in the Denmark area Western Australia

Even though you are off the beaten track it's an easy and only short walk to Elephant Rocks. Anita was wearing thongs and I was barefoot and we did not have any problems at all. There are great photo opportunities all along the way and I can really recommend to just follow the coastline.

Sheltered beach at Elephant Rocks in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

In fact Elephant Rocks is not much more than a little sheltered beach. The name derives from an array of exposed rocks that are meant to resemble a herd of elephants. When we got to the beach there was no one around, hard to believe on such a lovely place.

Herd of Elephants on Elephant Rocks beach in William National Park Denmark Western Australia

I took a lot of pictures from different perspectives but it still takes some imagination to really see the herd of elephants the rocks are supposed to resemble. Further elephants are not an native Australian animal, so I guess there is no relation to any aboriginal context.

Swim beach at Elephant Rocks close to Denmark Western Australia

Similar to Greens Pool the beach at Elephant Rocks is a great place to take a break and go for a swim. Again waves are blocked off by the rock formations and the secluded waters are free from strong currents and dangerous drifts. What a great place to spend the day.

Hiking around Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool close to Denmark Western Australia

There's much more to discover than Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. We spent a far bit of time just strolling around enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you want you can find a little sheltered place all to yourself with no one around than rocks, a little vegetation and the most crystal clear turquoise water we have seen in a long time.

Beautiful Denmark area Western Australia

The whole Denmark area is a unique pearl of nature. Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool are only two little highlights that have been made accessible. We can truly recommend to visit both, but if you are in for a little adventure and don't mind a short hike, there are far more stunning places to explore. This refers to the coastline as well as the mountainous back country, but that's a whole new story.

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