YouKeepUsTraveling Donation Sponsor Guido Schürmann Schuermann from Wiesbaden Germany

Beside Guidos generous donation he supported us with some true and touching words. The smirk on the picture he sent us is for those who still think the world is not turning fast enough. Slow down, take a break, look up and the sun will be shining far more often than you think.

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Right from the beginning we knew that this project was something we could not shoulder alone. It's not by accident we put the YOU in our organizations name in first place. This project is run by us, but not about us. It is something we enjoy doing and would love to see it grow but this will only be possible with your trust, encouragement and support.

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This page shows a list of all our major supporting companies and individuals. Thank you so much for keeping the faith with us, definitely something you will not regret! To get your name or your companies name on the list you have to make a donation or any other kind of support with an equivalent value of 100 Euro or greater.

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